The AGG Engine which came with the MP9 Fuel Injection system

Many customers and people have asked us what the differences between these engines are hence the reason for this article. All these engines are quite similar to one another. They also have similar power and torque with all having great potential. The 2E, AGG, ADY engines are all 2 Litre 8V engines.


Power / Torque Comparison

Let's begin with power and torque figures. Remember this all depends on where the engine came from, the quality, etc. Results may differ. The AGG and 4DY are the newer engines. 2E is older. We would highly recommend getting yourself either a AGG or 4DY unless you are sure the 2E is in excellent condition.

All of the engines have more or less 85KW & 166NM on the flywheel. Some people say the 2E has better low end torque and lower high end than the other engines.

Fueling / Ignition

Both AGG and 4DY use the MP9 Fuel Injection system whilst the 2E engine makes use of the older Digifant fueling system. All our obviously fuel injected. The AGG also made use of the Siemens SIMOS Fueling system. Anyways, either the AGG and 4DY can be easily plugged into the MP9 system without modification. 2E will require modifications. However if you wish to run an aftermarket EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system, any engine will suffice.

The AGG and 4DY have a pickup sensor on the crank which gives them another advantage over the 2E engine which does not have this sensor.



Any of the above engines would work nicely. The later models (AGG / ADY) are more recommended since they are newer and will probably have less engine wear and tear, will be easier to setup with MP9 fuel injection and have crank angle sensor. The 2E is from the older cars. What we do is make sure you get the best engine and in the best condition possible. If you order from us, you might pay a little more, but be rest assured that you are not buying a dud. Many engine companies simply sell the engine and make all kinds of excuses when you return it.

If you think about it, most people that have engine problems still under warranty, won't bother taking the engine out again, then sending it back to the engine company again. It will cost them about R1500 ($220 USD) to do that. And then re-fit it again. They will simply let it go. We save you the trouble. With us you will get the best engines possible. Some even modded highly (Gas Flowed heads / port job with racing cams) engines are sourced by us.

We export engines all over the world and around Africa. Simply contact us and we will assist you to the best that we can.

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